> Comment le temps d'hébergement et le conflit parental affectent la qualité des relations éducatives et le bien-être des enfants après le divorce ? Recherche appliquée pour le Tribunal de la famille - February 2016

Nicole E Mahrer, University of La Verne; Irwin Sandler, Emily Winslow, Sharlene A Wolchik


It is important to recognise that a close parent-child relationship with one or both parents can buffer children from the harmful effects of parental conflict, as can internal strengths or external resources.


> Garde physique partagée et expérience de stress chez les enfants

Jani Turunen, Stockholm University


This paper studies shared physical custody in Sweden, the country where the phenomenon is most prevalent. We ask whether children in shared physical custody settings are more likely to report high levels of stress compared to children living in sole custody. The analysis is based on data with combined information from parents, children and administrative registers. Wecontrol for inter-parental as well as parent-child relationship quality and parents' income. The results show that children sharing residence equally have lower likelihood of experiencing high levels of stress. The results can be interpreted as evidence for a positive effect of continuing everyday-like parental relationships after a family dissolution.