Un étude parue en avril 2018 dans la revue "Journal of Divorce & Remarriage" sous la direction de Sanford L. Bravera (Département de Psychologie, Arizona State University) et Michael E. Lamb (Département de Psychologie, University of Cambridge).

➤ Shared Parenting After Parental Separation: The Views of 12 Experts


This article summarizes paneldiscussions that took place atan international conference on shared parenting (SP) heldin May 2017. The panelists were internationally recognizedexperts on the legal and psychological implications of cus-tody arrangements and parenting plans. Seven broadthemes dominated the discussions: whether or not therewas persuasive evidence that SP provides real benefits tochildren whose parents separate; what specific factorsmake SP beneficial; what symbolic value SP might have;whether there should be a legal presumption in favor of SP,andifso,whatfactorsshouldmakeforexceptions;whetherhigh parental conflict, parents'failure to agree on theparenting plan, or dynamics ofparental alienation shouldpreclude SP; and what should happen when a parent wantsto relocate away from the other parent.